Finnish Rhubarb Tart


Look who came out of hibernation. I hang my head in shame. I’ve had recipe drafts for weeks and months, but they just never got published. I even toyed with the idea of just getting rid of the site because I cannot seem to maintain it. I still cook and bake a lot, but they only make it on Instagram in photos (see, I’ve been busy there). It took the magic of springtime and these darling tartlettes to push me to give it a go at it again. I’ve written the recipe two weeks ago—yes, still on that pattern of forever drafting. Thankfully, rhubarb is still in season so it’s not too late to tout this. If your mom, grandma, aunt, and other nurturing figures in your life, love rhubarb, now is the perfect time to surprise them with something homemade this coming Mother’s Day weekend.

You’ve probably bought or harvested some rhubarb already and you’re looking for something to make with it that doesn’t include strawberries. It’s a well-tested, much-loved pairing and all, but it’s fun to do things out of the norm sometimes. So here’s my suggestion: Finnish Rhubarb Tart.

Finnish Rhubarb Tart
Blushing rhubarb slices generously dot the surface of the lightly browned tops. Each bite is a tango of sweet and sour notes from the rhubarb and frangipane filling. My favourite part, the browned edges, are buttery with a slight caramelized taste.

This tart was another lucky discovery by J’s mom from a timeshare magazine—of all publications to find recipes in, now I won’t overlook them. She baked it for us last year and we loved it so much that I had to ask for the recipe. Thankfully, she is the kind of person whose reaction to that is always of generosity rather than secrecy. And we are all the better for it. I can’t speak for its Finnish roots (never been, but hoping to visit in the future),  but I’ve read they love their rhubarb in pies and other baked goods in Finland. too.

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