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We have been good about cooking at home lately and on Thursday Joy was not feeling that great and I did not want to screw up in the kitchen (Read: Forgetting to put the pan on the right burner. Please PLEASE tell me I am not the only one this has happened. Right?) After coming home, relaxing a bit, and watching some interesting TV, we decided to grab some eats. Since it was getting late on a weekday, our options were limited, especially where we are located.

There’s a place in North Scottsdale that has suffered the same fate as other restaurants in the area. Joy and I saw a place change from Ippei to Spicy Tuna. We did not want to return to Buffalo Wild Wings if we could avoid it on Thursday night so we knew where we wanted to go. We pulled up to the place late at about 10PM. Here is my take on the new place.

We walked and were greeted by the host who allowed us to sit anywhere. We picked a spot towards the back of the place and we took in the ambiance of the place. The service was awesome as well, the waitress was attentive and very responsive. It has a very modern and eclectic feel with booths that are more open and inviting as opposed to how you normally see them. Don’t come to Spicy Tuna for a quiet experience, the music is loud but it does give the place a unique experience.

Spicy Tuna does have a Happy Hour and a Reverse Happy Hour on drinks and appetizers. They have a nice array of options for each but on this night we would only have the appetizers. Neither of us were feeling the alcohol but just as well since we have not eaten all night. We ordered the Shrimp Wontons, and Cream wrapped in Salmon on wontons (There is a proper name for this dish, but that name fails me.) Shortly after ordering, we were told the shrimp wontons were sold out. We opted to change to Kobe Beef Fried Rice. From the original menu I ordered the pork katsu since most of you know by now my aversion to seafood around here.

I wish we had a camera because these dishes were a thing of beauty. There was red ginger on top of the rice and there was enough for both of us. While Joy indulged the salmon, I took in the pork katsu. I have never had katsu before but this pork was the juiciest, most tender cuts I have ever had. The panko breading was perfect compliment to the pork.

When all was said and eaten, our visit to Spicy was very affordable. We will be returning soon! Come and join us, will ya?

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