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Keeping It Simple: Roasted Peaches

I got these beautiful organic and local peaches from the Granville Island Public Market. They are so good fresh, but I was looking for something else to do with them without as much work as making peach crumble or pie. Then I saw Susan’s Roasted Peach Ice cream and read how she roasted the blushing fruits. I knew exactly what I was going to do next.

Good for two peaches, I just combined 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon. I rolled the quartered peach slices into this mixture and placed them one cheek against a greased pie pan.

Notice that it’s missing one quarter because I ate it. I mean, it looks like it would be cramped in there so somebody had to eat it! Hah.

I had them roast at 400ºF for 20 minutes. When I took the pan out, I turned the peaches on their other cheek so both sides of a quarter slice will get the syrup at the bottom. And I let them cool for a bit.

Enjoy the peaches warm. It’s a little soft and very…VERY delicious. You can also top it with vanilla bean ice cream, or serve it iced on a bowl if you like it cold. Or add it to frozen yogurt.

What fruits have you roasted (or cooked) and how? I’d love to know! I still have a bunch of fresh blueberries, figs, strawberries, peaches and pears here and I don’t know what to do with them.

15 Responses to “Keeping It Simple: Roasted Peaches”

  1. Hillary says:

    I love that you ate while cooking, I would do the SAME thing!

    Hillarys last blog post..Food in the News: Weekly Roundup

  2. I’m so glad you tried this! Those peaches look out of this world! You can roast fresh figs too. I like to roast them and serve them stuffed with goat cheese and drizzled with a balsamic reduction.

    Susan at Sticky,Gooey,Creamy,Chewys last blog post..Is Truth Really Stranger Than Fiction? You Betcha! (and the Ultimate Ice Cream Indulgence)

  3. Ben says:

    Hmmm roasted peaches! They look so good :-p

  4. farida says:

    Looks so good! I love roasted apples but I am sure roasted pears are delicious too! Gotta try!

  5. I love fresh peaches, too bad we don’t grow them here in the Philippines. I have yet to try roasting them though, perhaps the next time I’m in the US and they’re in season… yummy!

    Gay of A Scientist in the Kitchens last blog post..Grilled Chicken Tandoori

  6. One of my favorite radio programs is Good Food with Evan Kleiman. She did a story on grilled fruit a couple years ago that really opened my eyes to the joys of releasing those wonderful sugars.

    Metroknow – AlmostFit.coms last blog post..Photos of What We Eat #9, Seattle edition: Indian food and the Seattle skyline

  7. naomi says:

    wow! the peaches are definitely mouth watering…and if I could grab one at those right now, I would.

    naomis last blog post..I Just Want To Lie Down

  8. judyfoodie says:

    mmmmmmmm… those look good. I love peaches and now I know what to make for dessert :)

    judyfoodies last blog post..Buckwheat Banana Bread

  9. joy says:

    Hillary — I always do. haha.

    Susan — I tried the figs. I over-dried it. LOL.

    Ben — Thanks! They were wonderful.

    Farida — Admittedly, I haven’t tried roasting apples. I just make them as pies or crumble!

    Gay of a Scientist in the Kitchen — I know! I rarely ate fresh peaches when I was in the Philippines.

    Metroknow — I rarely grill fruit, but I think I’m addicted now.

    Naomi — Thanks!

    Judyfoodie — Let me know how it goes!

  10. Kat says:

    UMMMMM, those look so yummy right about now!!

  11. Beamer says:

    For the Strawberries, I would try dipping them in melted chocolate. Just make sure they are good and dry first before the dipping. A little coconut for the dipping as well right after the dipping in the warm chcolate is an awesome combination.


    Beamers last blog post..Moon and a Light

  12. I have never roasted fruit before. These look delicious and make me want to have a go myself!

    Losing Weight and Getting Healthys last blog post..Weight Loss Tip

  13. Peter says:

    I am going to raost the peaches and combine them in my “Sweet Mouthful” dessert instead of strawberries!


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