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How To Turn Mistakes Into Happy Cupcakes

These are demure cupcakes in every sense of the word: reserved in sweetness and coy in tanginess; but the combination of subtle flavors creates that lovely zest in your mouth. It almost makes me think that if Clinique's Happy scent were half as in-your-face zesty, and they were cupcakes, these would be The Happy Cupcakes. They are delicious bursts of freshness in your mouth.

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Cranberry Granola

This is my take on making homemade granola. I avoided using oil in this recipe. And I added wheat bran and wheat germ to add some "meat" in there. This granola is crispy and clumpy, just the way I like it. It has been our constant companion for our hikes as well as a healthy snack any time. Hope you enjoy it!

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