Quick and Easy Meals with Amazing Taste

A few months ago, Sara of Amazing Taste sent us packets of their seasonings to try. To tell you the truth, we haven’t really entertained the idea of having prepared packet seasonings, and the only thing I can remember that we had was the gravy packets from IKEA for the meatballs (sorry, food snobs, but […]

How To Turn Mistakes Into Happy Cupcakes

These are demure cupcakes in every sense of the word: reserved in sweetness and coy in tanginess; but the combination of subtle flavors creates that lovely zest in your mouth. It almost makes me think that if Clinique’s Happy scent were half as in-your-face zesty, and they were cupcakes, these would be The Happy Cupcakes. They are delicious bursts of freshness in your mouth.

I Have an Adoptee!

Meet Scott of BRB…Eating, he’s my “adoptee” for the 3rd round of the Adopt A Blogger program organized by the fabulous, soon-to-be-mom-of-4th-baby Kristen of Dine and Dish. [Thanks, Kristen!] I discovered Adopt A Blogger last year when they announced the matches, and it was too late for me to join to be adopted. A year […]

Bailey’s Cafe Mocha Cheesecake

Here is my take on a classic cheesecake recipe and adding one of my favorite combination of flavors: coffee, chocolate and Bailey’s Irish creme. The flavors are right on and the texture is oh so satisfyingly smooth as silk and it each bite melts in your mouth. It’s sure to be a favorite for those who love rich and decadent desserts.

Cranberry Granola

This is my take on making homemade granola. I avoided using oil in this recipe. And I added wheat bran and wheat germ to add some “meat” in there. This granola is crispy and clumpy, just the way I like it. It has been our constant companion for our hikes as well as a healthy snack any time. Hope you enjoy it!