Raspberry and Rainier Cherry Strudel


Whew…last minute!

I had my Daring Bakers challenge in my to-do list last weekend but there was a slight change in plans. What can you do, eh?

So last night, after making a dinner of tuna beet salad with homemade mayo (because I ran out!) and already invested on a lot of elbow grease for that mayo, I stretched the dough for the strudel:

Strudel dough

And let me tell you now that it was a lot of work and it tested my patience. After a while of gently coaxing the dough to stretch…stretch a little more…go on…I almost went into this Zen-like phase of going around the dough to stretch it. It was very meditative until I tore my first teeny hole.  Have I told you before that I’m a perfectionist? After that I got too cautious and I guess that made my dough not as thin as it should be, but I swear I can see the threads of my cotton fabric at the bottom very clearly.

These delicious Rainier cherries from the Granville Island market made it into the strudel:

Rainier cherries

And so did the raspberries I got there, too. I added a tiny bit of dried cranberries to soak up the extra juice from the raspberries. I’m not going to admit that I was eating while preparing them. Mmm.

Raspberry and Rainier Cherry Strudel

I rolled it and slathered it with butter. Perhaps too much butter, I know. But one cannot have enough of it!

Raspberry and Rainier Cherry Strudel

After about 37 minutes, I took out the strudel and waited for another half hour before slicing. It kept falling apart while I sliced it, but it did taste good!

It’s not the most photogenic (cooked) dish on earth and I wish I could give you a bite to make it better. Next time I think I’ll use white sugar instead of my trying-to-be-healthy choice of raw sugar to make it less dark. What do you think? Perhaps the raspberries were a bad idea because they become goo. I don’t know…but it sure was yummy.

Raspberry and Rainier Cherry Strudel

I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!

– – – – – – – – –

The May Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Linda of make life sweeter! and Courtney of Coco Cooks. They chose Apple Strudel from the recipe book Kaffeehaus: Exquisite Desserts from the Classic Cafés of Vienna, Budapest and Prague by Rick Rodgers. — Many thanks to Courtney and Linda for the challenge. It was indeed a challenge! :D

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    • joy says

      Thanks girlie! Love love butter. :) I individually sliced through and pitted each cherry. Labor of freakin’ love! I’m sure W-S has those pitters, if not, Sur La Table, would. I usually find the nifty tools there. :)

    • joy says

      Thank you! Stretching the dough was a pain, I could still remember it. I don’t think I’ll make the dough again from scratch unless I have a spare table that I can go around all sides to stretch.

    • joy says

      Thanks Esi! I’ve never baked with cherries before and I’m pretty happy that it baked well. The raspberries went all over the place. haha.

  1. says

    You’re too hard on yourself! That looks scrumptous! If you need a firm opinion, it’s not too hard to offer me a bite….

  2. says

    On the contrary, I think it looks perfect. I love the unique filling (cherries and raspberries! Two of my favorite fruits, just next to mango), and I’m totally craving this right now!! Grr!

    Manggys last blog post..Tartine’s Brownies

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