A Simple Breakfast of Yogurt with Fruit


Ok, I’d like to see a show of hands:

How many of you have procrastinated on something this week? Spill! :)

If you can only see me now, my hands and arms couldn’t be any higher! In August, my brain slows down, my discipline goes on vacation and I am stuck with a mid-summer love affair with someone called Procrastination or Cunctation. I call him CunkyPunky. (See? This is beginning to sound more fun than it really is.) I just have to accept that August is CunkyPunky time and I should just breathe and relax. Aside from procrastinating with CP, I’m also trying to balance bank accounts and to keep sane in the midst of paying even more taxes. I don’t even want to think about it, because aside from my already-planned trip to Blogher Food, there’s another event that I would love to attend: Foodbuzz in November. (I call it an injustice that they are both held in San Francisco! Woe is me, who lives across the north border.) Just when I need to “kick ass” in the making-money department, all CP wants to do is drag me to graze in the grass like spoiled cows living in a luscious Hawaiian ranch–that kind of downtime. I have to remind him that traveling involves money, which involves doing something.


This super simple breakfast post was supposed to be up last week, but CP and I had a week-long rendezvous. I’m sorry. But I hope you’ll forgive me. It is very easy to do anyway:

Just cook berries in simple syrup of 1 sugar :1 water proportion, wait for it to thicken, then set it aside to cool down. Serve generously on top of your favorite yogurt.

Fage greek yogurt with blueberry compote

In my case, it’s the Fage 2% greek yogurt. That’s it. No theatrics, just plain and simple food. I eat this for breakfast, as a dessert or as a snack. It’s a great way to save berries that might otherwise go bad this summer, especially if you happen to haul big boxes of them from the farmer’s market.

Fage greek yogurt with blueberry compote

I’m still rallying to have Fage here in Vancouver. I have never seen it here. Hello– Fage?!?!?!

In case you were wondering– No, Fage isn’t a sponsor of this blog. I just happen to love it so much that I milk my parents, who cross the border several times a month, to bring me Fage. It’s that good.

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    I love this! I usually eat the berries straight, along with my yogurt, drizzled with a bit of honey. This looks like another delicious way to do it! I recently made a blueberry “syrup” like this, same method, only I added a bit of lemon zest just to give it that little something extra. Yum! And I, too, have procrastinated a lot this week! With two nights out and not making dinners, this means that preparing lunches has also gone out the window, so I’m scrambling to throw random things together so we have things to eat.

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    I was going to try to stop procrastinating, but I think I’ll start tomorrow. I love yogurt and berries for breakfast. I’ve never seen Fage but if I do, I’ll try it. Love the pic.

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    That looks like a great way to enjoy some Greek yogurt and some fresh blueberries. It is almost impossible to find Greek yogurt here in Toronto…

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    Oh, oh, oh. I might as well share it with you so you can add another yoghurt recipe to your brekkie box. Take some Turkish/Greek yoghurt, put it in a bowl, add some flaked almonds and top up with some ginger jam. You may go mad….with addiction. I am NEVER out of ginger jam and almonds. Its delicious immediately but leave it overnight…..out of this world. And Greek yoghurt is healthy – high in protein, keeps you feeling fuller, longer! Peace
    .-= Kitchen Butterfly´s last blog ..Things I‚Äôm thankful for‚Ķ =-.

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    Hi there – so excited to hear that you are a big fan of FAGE Total yogurt. When people try it, they always fall in love with its great taste and ridiculously thick texture and we’re glad you have too. I’m shooting you an email now, and will also look into distribution in the Vancouver area for ya!

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