Hello San Fran! (Part I)


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This took a long time, eh? And I’m doing it in chunks, too. Before you know it, I’m back there and I haven’t finished talking about last month’s mini-tour. Haha. Oh well. Bear with this old lady.

So here some of my fondest memories of my first trip to San Francisco:

1. BART — my DUH moment

My love (and not-so-love) affair with San Francisco began at the BART station. I found myself putting a $20 bill into the card machine and I thought it “ate” the twenty and left me with a one-way ticket to Embarcadero station. Hello, dumb tourist! It’s different in Canada and I was thinking — “Uh, things are much simpler in Vancouver!” Haha. I eventually asked the guy beside me. “Your $20 is in that card.” OH. Duh.

View of foggy Daly City from the BART

The train is much wider compared to our Vancouver’s Sky Train and the seats are more comfortable for longer trips. Made me really wish Vancouver had the foresight to build wider trains.

Upon passing the different stations, I’ve learned what my San Francisco guidebook really meant by “microclimates”. One stop it’s sunny, the next it’s as hazy as my brain on a Sunday morning.
The day I arrived in downtown San Francisco, it was really windy and chilly and it made me wonder whether I accidentally flew into Chicago. I told a few other BlogHer attendees to bring clothes for the cold temps. Little did I know that on the day most of them were to arrive, it would be so hot. Yikes.

3. I found a friend: super awesome Kristina of Tennessee Locavore

Ask me what do I not love about her. I could not have gotten a better roommate from the roommate lottery. Seriously. I had a hotel booking and she got a last-minute pass to Blogher Food. I offered her a place to stay, and days letter she tells me that we can stay at a timeshare…for free! I know. I’m guessing this is good karma coming back for sending forth good karma. I like it. But that’s just the cherry topping to it all. Kristina and I hit it off right away because a) we have a lot in common; b) well, we’re foodies; c) she’s one person you won’t have a dull moment with. I love her! This trip would not be even half as fun without her. I miss this girl. I’m so glad we met, Kristina!

2. Tartine

I heard about Tartine for weeks before going to the city, and I remember Manggy tweeting that I must visit it. I’m so glad I had Kristina to go around the city with, because she definitely has an excellent list of foodie places to go to (also thanks to Anita for that). Tartine Bakery lived up to my expectations.

We split one ham and cheese croque monsieur:

Ham and Cheese Croque Monsieur from Tartine Bakery

And we took a bag of these ‘cookies’ back to the hotel:
Tartine Bakery Macaroons

3. Bi-Rite Creamery and their Salted Caramel and Creme Fraiche Ice cream

There are simply no words to describe how much I LOVE these two ice cream flavors together. I fondly remember the exact moment I tasted it and groaned with much delight. Where have you been all my life?! I’m not exaggerating.

Bi-Rite Creamery's Salted Caramel and Creme Fraiche Ice Cream

4. Bi-Rite Supermarket

That was some serious good food haven. Heaven, possibly. We got some food to take back to the hotel, where we had a kitchenette.

Part of our haul from Bi-Rite Market
Acme Bread loaf, dry-farmed tomatoes and Tartine Bakery macaroons
Burrata cheese
Burrata cheese that's made with cream wrapped in mozarella

5. Chinatown


Making fortune cookies

Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company

Oh look! I took a video of the fortune cookie lady…

So here’s a story Kristina and I have about that fortune cookie place. We both bought some flat fortune cookies (basically they are fortune-less), she got one bag, I got two. Then I noticed the lady grabbing a handful and put them in my bag. So we headed out and while we were yapping I said, “Oh, let’s eat some of the extras she gave us.” Then Kristina said she didn’t get some. “Are you sure? Look at the bottom of the bag.” None. Whooops! We both laughed and thought she was discriminated against, and it was all because of the karma from her husband’s Asian joke earlier via crackberry. We had a good chuckle out of it.
Ok…to be continued…

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    • joy says

      Haha, yeah! I wanted to do it bit by bit, but I wanted to just put this out before I go back there again. So shameful that it tookme so long. You’re right about Tartine! I wish I have time to go there again. There’s always not enough time.

  1. says

    Joy, great write up. I love learning something new about where I live … the fortune cookie lady! I am going to have to check her out! Your photos are really lovely has well, I love the dry farmed tomato one and the chinatown laterns!


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