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A Few Announcements: Newsletter, Giveaway, Mail Exchange, Facebook and Feeds

Hello, friends! We have some announcements to make:

1. Our February-March 2010 Newsletter is out! Subscribe here to get it in your mailbox, or view past issues.

Gourmeted February-March 2010 Newsletter

February-March Issue

2) Red maple mittsRemember those red maple leaf mitts during the Olympics?  We’re giving away a pair of medium ones!



3) Finally, the sequel to the Secret Santa Food exchange last December: Tête-à-Tea: An Online Tea Exchange Party


Come join us for tea!

4) We have a Facebook Page now, too. We hope you’ll join us there!

5. And lastly: we are switching to partial feeds for the recipe posts. We’re doing this for two reasons: 1) To prevent content theft; and 2) To shorten the main page with the long posts. The new RSS feed format will let you read the bulk of the each post. What is behind the ‘cut’ is the recipe. Those who want to read and download the recipe can do so by clicking the Read More link. We’ve had this system on our first year, and it worked quite well. I’m still working on a way so that the continuation will appear on the same page and not bring you to another, so it will be a win-win situation.

I know some people will only subscribe to feeds that offer full RSS feed, and we respect that. We hope that you understand our reasons behind this change and really wish that you will reconsider. We’d love to keep you. :)

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