When The Macaroon Meets The Macaron, It Means I’m Back

I would bet a hundred dollars that when my friends and family see this, they won’t actually believe they’re reading something new on my site. Most of them have given up asking me about it. [I won’t name any names… Ha ha.]

The past summer, Shulie, asked me if I would be interested in contributing to the tree nut-free macaron series she’s hosting on her website, Food Wanderings. I immediately replied that of course, I would, but admitting that realistically it probably won’t be until Fall that I can commit to it. She assured me that October would be fine. Super. [Thanks so much, Shulie!]

Fast forward to our Thanksgiving month here in Canada. I managed to whip up a few batches of macarons to test, including my worst macaron experiment to date — it never even made it to the parchment paper. I found a workaround so that I still had my craving for toasted coconuts satisfied in macaron form. Because I like to humour myself, I made a very macaroon-ish macaron, that still tasted like the macaroon, but not quite. It’s still a macaron. Am I confusing you?

Coconut Macaron with White Chocolate and Lime Ganache

Coconut Macaron with White Chocolate and Lime Ganache


Read all about my nut-free macaron (mis)adventures over at Shulie‘s and find out what I used to naturally color the white chocolate ganache. If you’re allergic to tree nuts like her son, you’re in good hands — definitely check out the other recipes on her website!

15 Responses to “When The Macaroon Meets The Macaron, It Means I’m Back”

  1. Thank Joy, Love the title of this post and thank you for being such an easy going guest on my site. I must tell you I attempted coconut macarons in the past and they turned out macaroon blobs. I could have never guessed the surprising textrure to your delicate shells and what beautiful feet. Just incredible!! Love the creativity and blown away by the natural fod coloring, who would have thought spinach?! Thanks again my friend. Shulie

  2. Maris says:

    Great to see you back! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. yay glad you’re back! can’t wait to read more deliciousness on here :)

  4. Annapet says:

    Joy, I am so happy you are celebrating peanut-free/nut free macarons with us! They are gorgeous and I bet delicious!

    • joy says:

      Thanks, Annapet! So am I. This hopefully won’t be the last I’ll be celebrating “nut-free” macarons, because I definitely had a great time working on them. We devoured them. :)

  5. Coconut and white chocolate is the best combination ever! :) I’ll have to try these!

  6. Mary says:

    It is not that confusing. You made an amazing macaron. I like the recipe and they sound delicious when combined. I can’t wait to try it. Nothing is too macaron to be macaron.

  7. Fortunato says:

    I like eating macaroons..Love this post thanks for sharing..

  8. Shella says:

    Macaroons is my sister in law’s specialty :) she’s really doing great with her business but i think she needs more twist so i’ll show her your post. :)

  9. Cheoy Lee says:

    Welcome back, can’t wait to read more!

  10. YD says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you can freeze the assembled marcrons. Thanks :)

    • joy says:

      Depending on the filling, they tend to get soggy. It’s more realistic to freeze the shells separately then just put the filling on the day it will be served.


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