Bake For the Quake Raised More Than $7,000


Our little bake sale that could that left us with little sleep to live on for three weeks, in fact, made: $7,136 Exceeding our $5K goal by more than $2,000! WE DID IT, VANCOUVER!!! You raised all that in 2.5 hours. In the beginning there were doubts of filling up the space and having enough […]

Bake For The Quake

Even now as I look at the screen to type, I’m still not sure what to say. The past month has been a trip through rolling hills of yays and nays, that the line between living in the moment and  is one big-pixel Gaussian blur. Geeky. There’s drama, action and catching something and almost missed […]

The Missing Donuts

I’m sorry, I promised you donuts and then you didn’t get any donuts. At least, the recipe, as promised. There was a series of events that involved bringing my backup external hard drive with photos of recipes to post and I didn’t bring the appropriate cord that would connect to the computer I brought. Since […]

Hello World!

I’m back after a few weeks of going MIA, which in reality was a result of a tax-preparation frenzy, a computer-less vacation, then another semi-vacation. I am not like the other bloggers who prepare their absence in advance All I have for you right now, while I start to flex my blogging muscles is… The […]

Aaaand…We’re Back On

After what seems like forever, the site is back up and running. Sorry folks! For those who missed it (whew), it all happened so fast. The next thing I knew the site was down because of an unknown database connection error and an unknown reason for it to happen (to me) because  didn’t make any […]

A Few Announcements: Newsletter, Giveaway, Mail Exchange, Facebook and Feeds

Hello, friends! We have some announcements to make: 1. Our February-March 2010 Newsletter is out! Subscribe here to get it in your mailbox, or view past issues. 2) Remember those red maple leaf mitts during the Olympics?  We’re giving away a pair of medium ones!     3) Finally, the sequel to the Secret Santa […]