Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse with Greek Yogurt

This dessert-turned-quick-experiment was brought to you by Jens’ chocolate mousse craving and his Greek yogurt substitution idea. I’m always happy to oblige his sweet tooth and even more so because we were both feeling under the weather, with him suffering most of the flu symptoms. After a trip out of town combined with the exhaustion […]

Easy Fudge Brownies

While it’s a no-holiday-rush week for us Canadians this week (unless you’re getting ready to shop in the US like me!), I feel the “pain” of my friends in the US as Turkey Day approaches. Been there, done that last month. I love the holiday shared with friends and family, but it could be so […]

Recipe for German Chocolate Cake and our Olympic Mitts Winner

Rose's Heavenly Cakes

Samuel German created the Baker’s brand’s “German’s Sweet Chocolate”, which inspired this recipe. This cake has nothing to do with Germany at all. On the other hand, it’s all about the light and moist chocolate layers topped with custard-y caramel with coconut and toasted pecans – perfection in every bite.