Once Upon a Crabby Feast

The Alaskan King Crab season is over and done with and here I am reminiscing this delicious crustacean. Pardon me while I post this so I’ll remember what to order next time, and be able to compare as well. Due to busy schedules and spring break with the fam, I only attended/organized one king crab […]

Underground Dining at NFA Vancouver

What if you received an invite to a dinner at an undisclosed location–to be revealed only the day before the event? There’s promise of a unique experience and a chance to dine with fellow food-loving people. You’re also suggested to bring a bottle of your favorite wine… Food + people + wine — check, check […]

Oven Roasted Potatoes with Beets in Garlic-Lemon-Thyme Dressing

A salad of oven roasted potatoes and boiled beets flavored with a garlic, lemon and thyme dressing that’s perfect for lazy evenings. It’s part of my ‘efforts’ to “Eat Down the Fridge” instead of buying more and more food before I can finish what I have.

Asian Ginger Garlic Steak

Even before the show, “Chopped“, was conceived in the offices of the Food Network, millions of us all over the world were already facing and battling own versions of the show–right in our own kitchens–you, me, and all the other home cooks in the world. Unless you’re a complete meal planner, making each homemade meal […]