Smells Like…Tastes Like…But Doesn’t Look Like (Plus an invite for a Tea Exchange party!)


Barley Tea + Corn Tea = Coffee Read it again, I think you missed it. Ok, you can smooth your wrinkled foreheads and lower your raised eyebrows now. I know it sounds ludicrous and almost insulting to the church of java beans. I apologize, but hear this — I’m on your camp, too.  And as […]

Peppermint Hot Chocolate with Handcrafted Chocolate Marshmallow

Taken from the Williams-Sonoma Sale post, I made two cups of the Peppermint Hot Chocolate for the first time while putting the finishing touches on my other webpage, Tech Hub. If you have picked up a tin after reading the post, the important thing to know is following the directions precisely.  There is a little blurb about […]

The Next Best Coke

As any Coke Addict will tell you — It’s hard to quit. A friend of mine was able to abandon smoking, but not her precious pop. However, as one gets older, your body manifest its ways of doing asset allocation — of Fat — to areas you wish wouldn’t stick out too much. Can one […]