Ginataang Mais (Coconut Rice Porridge with Corn)


We’ve been on a comfort food kick lately for two reasons: cooler weather and being under the weather. Bowls of congee, ramen, vegetable pasta soup, vegetable curry and traditional Filipino rice porridge were consumed. You’d think we’ve lost our teeth based on this week’s diet. And then there were many cups of tea in between, […]

Mocha Cake ala Goldilocks

Goldilocks is a well-known institution of baked goods and pastries in the Philippines. Even though I can easily go to their Vancouver location to get my mocha cake fix, I’ve always dreamed of baking a copycat so I can enjoy it anytime at home and knowing the ingredients in the cake I’m eating. I was lucky on my first try of the series, and my family declared it identical (and even better) than Goldilocks. I’ve baked it numerous times since then and is now on the top of the family favorites.

Bistek (Filipino Beef Steak)

I’m up so late because I have too much excess energy today, plus I can’t wait for Obama’s inauguration. I’m not American [Dan is, so we have a healthy dose of jokes between us about our countries], but I still share the excitement, hope, and pride in this moment — as I’m sure a lot […]

Filipino Champorado and a Happy New Year!


I’ve seen it being called Chocolate Rice Pudding and Chocolate Rice Porridge in English, but it’s always going to be Champorado for me. It’s basically glutinous/sticky/sweet rice cooked with a lot of water to make it soupy-gooey, with chocolate and sugar added, and enjoyed with evaporated milk, powdered milk, milk or cream.

Chicken Tinola (Filipino Chicken Stew)

Aloha! We’re back from our vacation and we’re slowly easing into reality. The luggage bags are half-unpacked. That in itself, is a great feat. It’s hard to wake up again in hot Arizona, staring at the ceiling and doing rock-paper-scissors to see who needs to get up first (just kidding!!!). We were so spoiled with […]