To Sous Vide or Not Sous Vide


As our almost-never-impeccably neat kitchen would prove, we cook and bake often, taking pride in making things from scratch. We give each other cookbooks and kitchen gadgets. While some people would specify a no kitchen-related gifting policy, we embrace the opposite. I am thrilled to get spatulas, pastry brushes, kitchen towels or measuring cups and […]

Kitchen Talk

A friend and I recently had a chat about kitchen appliances and tools, what our essentials are and which are “nice to have” but would just end up in the dark corners of the drawers, and what we still “wish” for. As we grow older, it’s not just the clothes and shoes we couldn’t get […]

Teddy’s Weekly Roundup: March 2 to March 8

Things are busy here as it’s tax season, and with mommy and daddy filing their taxes for personal and their respective businesses, posting is a wee bit slower than usual. They’ve also been going out to see friends, which is always a good thing. The cocoa brownies weren’t posted as anticipated– our sincere apologies for […]