First Snow of the Season

We had our first official snowfall (that wasn’t quickly washed out by our infamous rain) yesterday. It was great because we woke up with a pretty backdrop on a Saturday morning and then the sun shone so bright, it seemed as if the skies were saying “Excuse me!” after it burped snow the previous evening. […]

Change of Scenery: Vancouver

Here’s a little diversion from food: views of my city! I’m still here, and as Dan has mentioned, until the end of the month. Here’s why — I’ve earned myself a painful award for over-working in front of the computer: radiculitis. I’ve been getting regular treatments, and have been strongly advised to avoid the computer […]

Scenes from Seattle (Part II)

Before we started this website, Dan and I used to send photos from our phones to friends and relatives saying, “Wish you were here” when we want to share food and restaurants we’re trying, or places we’re visiting. Now, we get to say that to all of you and share images of our experiences. I […]

Scenes from Seattle (Part I)

Pike Place Market is a very popular tourist spot in Seattle, that each time we mention that we’ve been to that city, we’re asked if we went there. This time we’ve finally trekked down to the famous Pike Place Market. Where do we even begin to show you the area, its quaint stores, restaurants and […]

Teddy’s Weekly Roundup: March 2 to March 8

Things are busy here as it’s tax season, and with mommy and daddy filing their taxes for personal and their respective businesses, posting is a wee bit slower than usual. They’ve also been going out to see friends, which is always a good thing. The cocoa brownies weren’t posted as anticipated– our sincere apologies for […]