Staple & Fancy with Friends


A few Sundays ago, Denise, Dana, Megan, Kristina and I headed out to Chef Ethan Stowell’s new restaurant: Staple & Fancy Mercantile. Set in one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods, Ballard Avenue, one wouldn’t expect to find such a fancy restaurant when driving through that particular block. Walking along the sidewalk at night, the brick walls […]

Brunch with a View

Living in a gorgeous city like Vancouver, there is no shortage of good views. When it comes to choosing a place to enjoy Sunday brunch, it really is just a matter of thinking where you’d like to go to or what you’d like to do afterward. I love Stanley Park, I love walking or taking […]

Dineout Vancouver: Bacchus Restaurant and Lounge

Guess who got her act together to make reservations for Dineout Vancouver? Yes, that’s right, me! And guess who’s finally in town? Sandy, a good ol’ pal who just moved here from Australia. Love her! We’ve known each other forever but never met until a couple of days ago. That’s the great thing about the […]

Review: Pizzeria Bianco

If you’ve heard of Bon Appétit’s Best American Restaurants episode from the Food Network, you will know that Pizzeria Bianco was named the best place in America to get a pizza. Between authenticity, taste, and quality of ingredients, it beat out countless thousands of  pizza chains and parlors in America. There is a great reason […]

Eating Out

Back here in Scottsdale, AZ it is hotter than perhaps, hell. Motivation to cook since I flew back was zilch. All I want to do is go to the nearest place with A/C that will give me food — and in these parts it’s mall, the movies (hello cinnamon pretzels!), or the restaurants. We trekked […]

Review: Sauce

You have heard us comment about the place, now it is time for me to review the place that we have referenced about: Sauce! It’s the pizza and wine restaurant concept from Fox Restaurants (No relation to the Rupert Murdoch corporation) that offers a variety of specialty flat-bread pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and pastas.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feel loved, feel special, and single or not, enjoy the day and give yourself a treat. We all deserve it. {democracy:5} So what’s cooking tonight? Where are you having dinner? Addendum: Duh, I forgot. Here are some ideas for homemade dinner tonight if you haven’t decided on the menu yet: Spinach Pancetta Salad with Pine […]