Slow-Roasted Beef with Red Wine Sauce


Slow roasting at low temperatures is the best way to tame a not-so-tender cut of beef. The chuck is the best ‘cheaper’ cut for this recipe, but I’ve tested it even on a bottom round cut roast and achieved great results. So have some good, homemade roast beef any day of the week without blowing […]

4th of July Munchies

I rarely make lists as posts, so consider this a treat.I didn’t even make one for Canada Day! Shame shame. Anyway, if you’re still looking for ideas for the weekend, here are some easy peasy suggestions, ye American neighbors. Summer Strawberry Fro-Yo or Honey Peach Fro-Yo will beat the heat, the ice cream craving and […]

Baked Garlic Rhubarb Wings with Sweet & Sour Sauce

Garlic + Rhubarb + Chicken Wings? What could possibly be wrong with that? NOTHING, I tell you! This absolutely delicious baked chicken wings flavor combination is a winner. I’m a very picky wing eater and this definitely–easily–tops all the other chicken wings I’ve made. There can only be one reason for this experiment: I had way too many rhubarb stalks stocked up on a night of craving for Hawaiian wings. An unlikely success to me at the time, but here it is, in all its finger-licking glory. Don’t say No before you even try it! :-)

Lasagne of Emilia-Romagna

I like a good challenge and whenever I see those lovely food blogs with results from the Daring Bakers Challenge, I’m in awe and envy. I got around to it and I froze when I saw my first challenge, the March 2009 recipe: Lasagne of Emilia-Romagna (with homemade spinach pasta). I was expecting to make dessert or bake cakes — something for my insatiable sweet tooth…something easier. But no, it turns out my “initiation” into the Daring Bakers would be a very laborious one. I was as scared as I was decades ago when the swimming instructor asked us to jump into the pool at the 6″ feet mark on our first class. Are you serious? What did I get myself into?!

Making Pot Stickers from Scratch

Do you have those moments when you think you should know (how to do) something by default as a result of your ethnicity (or perhaps last name, family, affiliation, etc.)? And then you refuse to seek guidance because “it’s in you”. It’s like assuming that as an Asian I should know how to cook rice […]