Simple and Easy Corn and Pea Soup

Fresh peas

The last few days have certainly felt like a cold tap on the shoulder reminding me that summer is almost over. Yesterday morning I found myself reaching for a wrap to keep me warm while I checked on our vegetable garden before work. [I hate transitioning from zombie-like mode to work mode when I’m cold.] […]

Boiled Corn and Chicken Soup

I could use a bowl of this right now: It shifts from cold to hot here in Vancouver. “Would you like the cold for breakfast? Sweltering heat for lunch? No problem!” That kind of thing. I made this a couple of months ago when Dan and I found some super sweet corn from Whole Foods. […]

Boiled Beef Soup

Boiled Beef Soup, is locally known and called as Nilagang Baka [pronounced Ni-LAH-gang BAH-ka] in the Philippines. It’s another one of my favorite Filipino dishes that I used to request for dinner all the time. When my grandmother cooks this dish, she uses a pressure cooker to soften the meat and make the stock out […]