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Ginataang Mais (Coconut Rice Porridge with Corn)

We’ve been on a comfort food kick lately for two reasons: cooler weather and being under the weather. Bowls of congee, ramen, vegetable pasta soup, vegetable curry and traditional Filipino rice
porridge were consumed. You’d think we’ve lost our teeth based on this week’s diet. And then there were many cups of tea in between, too.

Last night we made the curry and had leftover coconut milk, which prompted me to make ginataan, one of my favorite snacks in grade school during the rainy season.  “Ginataan” (pronounce phonetically: gee-na-ta-AHN) basically means cooked in coconut milk. When it comes to sweet coconut rice porridge, it is either made with toasted mung beans (ginataang mungo) or sweet corn (ginataang mais). The former requires a tiny bit more work (and my forgotten skill of toasting raw mung beans without burning them), so I picked corn for simplicity’s sake–we had frozen kernels.

I shared the photo online this afternoon and several people asked for the recipe. It’s very simple, requiring only four ingredients, so I thought I’d quickly share it. You’ll find that you can easily add whatever additional ingredient you like. As alternatives to the traditional flavours, try sweet potato or purple yam chunks and fresh ripe mango (added before serving).

Ginataang Mais (Coconut Rice Porridge with Corn)
Cuisine: Filipino
Active prep time: 
Cooking/Baking time: 
Total hands-on & cooking/baking time: 
Serves: 2 to 4
  • ⅓ cup sticky rice
  • 1⅓ cup water
  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 cup corn
  • ¼ cup sugar (I used vanilla sugar)
  1. Wash rice with tap water. In a medium pot combine rice and water, then heat on med-high until it boils. Lower the heat to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  2. Add coconut milk, corn and sugar, and simmer for another 10-15 minutes, stirring regularly and scraping the sides and bottom of the pan to make sure rice doesn't stick and burn at the bottom. Add more water to suit your preference in consistency. Serve in bowls while warm.


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Boiled Corn and Chicken Soup

I could use a bowl of this right now:

It shifts from cold to hot here in Vancouver. “Would you like the cold for breakfast? Sweltering heat for lunch? No problem!” That kind of thing.

I made this a couple of months ago when Dan and I found some super sweet corn from Whole Foods. I think I even cooked this on a hot day in Arizona. Whether it’s a hot day, or cold day…this is good. I love corn soup! It’s basically just chopped onions sauteed with chicken, fresh crushed pepper and salt. Then fresh sweet corn and spinach leaves added right after you turn off the heat. Easy-peasy!

In Manila, our helpers used to cook this at my request. Instead of chicken chicken bits, they actually shred the chicken. They didn’t use spinach leaves, but some slightly bitter leaves (I think they were chili plant leaves). And it was a nice contrast to the sweet corn. It was delicious. I could eat it for days!

I have a bag of leeks and potatoes here waiting to be made into potato leek soup tonight. That’s another easy and tasty soup to make.

Now that it’s starting to cool up, I’m ready to make more soup! Do you have any (easy) soup recipes? Let me know!

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Smells Like…Tastes Like…But Doesn’t Look Like (Plus an invite for a Tea Exchange party!)

Barley Tea + Corn Tea = Coffee

Read it again, I think you missed it.

Ok, you can smooth your wrinkled foreheads and lower your raised eyebrows now.

I know it sounds ludicrous and almost insulting to the church of java beans. I apologize, but hear this — I’m on your camp, too.  And as a lover of good black coffee, I’ll put my fussiness in matters of taste and gladly attach my Certified Coffee Substitute seal on this one.

I discovered this almost-perfect combination by accident. My friend Alice, my personal purveyor of ALL kinds of tea, made this for me one afternoon. I could smell it from the dining table as I waited so I asked if she was making coffee. Not a coffee drinker herself, I thought she was making an exception for me that one time. She emerged from her kitchen with a teapot and poured golden brown colored tea into the cups. I sniffed the sweet smelling coffee aroma, and was quietly wishing it would taste something close to coffee because I was already craving for it. And then…I took a sip. And fell in love. I love both coffee and tea, and I couldn’t have been on a higher caffeine cloud at that moment. It was REALLY good. It was like drinking coffee, but with the lightness of tea.

Barley and Corn tea are two of the most unusual, if not exotic, types of tea I’ve ever had. One that makes me all giddy, though, is the subtly sweet and fragrant blush-colored rose bud tea. Having a baroness of tea for a friend does have its own benefits. And I encourage you tea lovers to find one of your own! :-D

Do you like tea? What’s your favorite?

Mine is the Coconut Macadamia tea from Hawaii on the right. Alice got me hooked on it as well.

Aside from my dear friend, I learn and get to taste teas from around the world through my like-minded penpals who I exchange teas with. We love mail and we love tea!

Have you participated in a tea exchange before?

It’s so fun! Anyway, my enthusiasm is getting the best of me. But do let me know if you’re into that and I’ll get something going for us tea lovers!
Oh, and enjoy your weekend!

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