Ginataang Mais (Coconut Rice Porridge with Corn)


We’ve been on a comfort food kick lately for two reasons: cooler weather and being under the weather. Bowls of congee, ramen, vegetable pasta soup, vegetable curry and traditional Filipino rice porridge were consumed. You’d think we’ve lost our teeth based on this week’s diet. And then there were many cups of tea in between, […]

Boiled Corn and Chicken Soup

I could use a bowl of this right now: It shifts from cold to hot here in Vancouver. “Would you like the cold for breakfast? Sweltering heat for lunch? No problem!” That kind of thing. I made this a couple of months ago when Dan and I found some super sweet corn from Whole Foods. […]

Smells Like…Tastes Like…But Doesn’t Look Like (Plus an invite for a Tea Exchange party!)

Barley Tea + Corn Tea = Coffee Read it again, I think you missed it. Ok, you can smooth your wrinkled foreheads and lower your raised eyebrows now. I know it sounds ludicrous and almost insulting to the church of java beans. I apologize, but hear this — I’m on your camp, too.  And as […]